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Susi Hankins - Dog Soul

Phone: (510) 507-9121

Dog Soul Puppy & Dog Training at Pet Food Express San Leandro

Trainer: Susi Hankins

Susi has had a passion for dogs all of her life. Being the owner of two very shy and sensitive German Shepherd Dogs, Roro and Dallas, she was motivated to become a dog trainer to insure her dogs have the best, most fulfilled life possible. Susi teaches using Positive Reinforcement techniques as an effective and fair way to establish a forever bond with your dog. Since most people do not speak "dog" and dogs do not speak "english", Susi will teach you to understand and communicate clearly with your dog.

Susi started training as a Volunteer Mentor and Canine Companion at the Oakland SPCA and soon became a dog trainer and Mentor at the Dublin Petco, where she received her training certification in June 2010.
Susi is the proud co-founder of The Dog School in Pleasanton that was established in October 2011 to 2014. She is now the owner and head trainer at Dog Soul located at 39 California Ave # 301 in Pleasanton.

Class Schedule

Sundays:         Puppy Manners Drop-in - 10am
                           Adult Family Manners Drop-in 1 - 11am
                           Adult Family Manners Drop-in 2 - 12pm 

Thursdays: Puppy Playtime  - 7pm $10 per session or Buy 4 and get one Free!

Class Descriptions and Pricing

Cost: Drop in 1 hour session - $20 (Buy 4 sessions, Get 1 Free! Only $60); 4 week puppy class $80


Puppy Beginning Manners - 8 weeks to 20 weeks. This puppy class will introduce your puppy to beginning manners such as, sit, down, stay, walking on a loose leash and much more. This class has a focus on manners as well as socialization, and will include discussion and troubleshooting many puppy issues such as potty training, mouthing, chewing and jumping up. Proof of 1 DHPP vaccines required

Puppy Manners Drop In Class - For puppies 8 weeks to 4 months : This class will address with everyday puppy issues such as mouthing, barking and general manners. Puppies will have supervised playtime. We will work on polite manners such as sit, down, stay, come and we will introduce leash manners using positive reinforcement methods. Proof of 1 DHPP is required.

Adult Family Manners 1 - Drop in Class - For puppies and adults 5 months and older. This class will address everyday issues such as leash pulling, barking, and general manners. We will also discuss any issues that you may be having. Proof of DHPP and Rabies is required.

Adult Family Manners 2 - Drop in Class - For puppies and adults 5 months and older. This advanced class will include more advanced leash manners, sit/stays, down/stays, leave it, settle, polite greetings and more. We will also discuss any issues that you may be having. Proof of DHPP and Rabies is required.

Available at the following Pet Food Express locations:
San Leandro

My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

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